Wild Florida Photo - Micrurus fulvius

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Micrurus fulvius


Florida native



The brightly colored bands on this slender snake are amazingly good camouflage. This specimen was hard to spot as it paused atop the leaves once it moved into the shade. Micrurus fulvius is similar in coloring to several non-poisonous snakes, the Scarlet snake and the Scarlet Kingsnake race of Milk snakes, but the bands are in a different color sequence. There are several rhymes intended to remember which color order to avoid, but mistakes can be deadly. The best practice is to leave all snakes alone. One feature for identification is that the Coral snake has a blunt black snout and both of the Scarlets have a pointed red snout. Adults are typically 24 inches long, which was the approximate length of the snake in these photos.

Micrurus fulvius is a member of the Elapidae - Cobras, Kraits, Coral & Sea snakes family.

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Sep 05, 2009