Wild Florida Photo - Hylephila phyleus

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Hylephila phyleus


Florida native


Fiery skippers are small golden butterflies with black markings that are found in sandhills, flatwoods and open disturbed sites throughout Florida. Ranges mainly across the southern United States from California to Virginia, also found northward along the eastern Seaboard into Massachusetts and into the midwest states. Hylephila phyleus is an exotic turfgrass pest in Hawaii.
Males are mostly golden-yellow with black markings on the top side of the wings, smaller and fewer black markings on the underside. Females are mostly dark above with yellowish spots, and the underside is mainly yellowish-brown with lighter and darker areas. The caterpillar is a dull greenish-brown with a black head.
Host plants are grasses (Pocaeae family). The caterpillars will eat the leaves of many different grass species.
Many generations can be produced each year, with adults occurring year-round in south Florida.

Hylephila phyleus is a member of the Hesperiidae - Skippers family.

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Aug 07, 2016