Wild Florida Photo - Tamias striatus

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Tamias striatus


Florida native

Florida Species of Special Concern

Eastern chipmunks are uncommon in Florida and are only found near the major streams north of Interstate 10 in five western panhandle counties. The range extends throughout the eastern United States, west into Louisiana, Oklahoma and up to the Dakotas, and north into Canada from Manitoba to Nova Scotia.
Averaging 25.5 cm (10 in.) in length, eastern chipmunks are reddish brown with five black stripes down the back separated by white, brown or grey. There are also white and black markings around the eyes. The belly is lighter, yellowish-brown or white. The tail is reddish brown and furry, but not as bushy as a squirrel. The front feet have 4 toes and the rear feet have 5 toes.
The genus name - Tamias - is greek for 'storer', referring to the chipmunk's characteristic stuffing of food in its cheek pouches. While T. striatus is the only chipmunk found in eastern North America, there are many members of this genus in the western portion of the continent.

Tamias striatus is a member of the Sciuridae - Squirrels family.

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