Wild Florida Photo - Hemidactylus turcicus

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Hemidactylus turcicus



Not native to Florida


One of the many geckos found in Florida, possibly the most widespread. This is an invasive species that can now be found across the southern United States.
Mediterranean geckos are somewhat translucent and 10-13 cm (4-5 in.) long. The large round eyes lack eyelids and they are mostly nocturnal. The round sticky toepads allow them to climb and hang on walls.
There is one gecko species native to Florida - Sphaerodactylus notatus notatus, the Florida reef gecko - only found in the keys and the coastal area in and near Miami-Dade County.

Hemidactylus turcicus is a member of the Gekkonidae - Geckos family.

For more information on this species, visit the following link:
The University of Georgia Lizards of Georgia and South Carolina page for this species

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Feb 27, 2009