Wild Florida Photo - Dolomedes triton

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Dolomedes triton


Florida native


Fishing spiders live on and near the water, often found on floating vegetation as seen here, giving them another common name - raft spiders. They have the ability to walk on the surface of the water, and can submerge if threatened.
Found throughout much of North America, from southern Alaska, through Canada to Maine, and south to Mexico and Cuba.
The namesake six spots are on the lower side of the abdomen. Females are larger, up to 2 cm (~ 3/4 in.) in length, than the males and often carry the egg sack with them. Color varies from dark olive-green to the more typical brown or tan with a white stripe along each side and white spots on the top of the abdomen.

Dolomedes triton is a member of the Pisauridae - Nursery web spiders family.

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Nov 13, 2008