Wild Florida Photo - Eudocimus albus - White ibis

Eudocimus albus

White ibis

Florida native

Florida Species of Special Concern

Polk Co. FL 05/11/11
Polk Co. FL 05/11/11
Polk Co. FL 05/11/11
Polk Co. FL 05/11/11
Osceola Co. FL 01/26/08
Brevard Co. FL 01/25/08

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A common wading bird throughout Florida, where it is most populous. The breeding range extends along the southeastern coast west to Louisiana and northeast into the carolinas. During the summer months, white ibis extend inland throughout much of the coastal plain. They are also found throughout the Caribean, both coasts of Mexico and as far south as Columbia and Venezuela.
Eudocimus albus has a distinctive red curved bill an long red legs. ll white at maturity except for black wingtips. Immature birds are dark brownish with white belly and rump, looking similar to a tri-colored heron except for the bill. Adults are 55-68 cm (~22-27 in.) long with a wingspan of about a meter (~39 in.).


Eudocimus albus is a member of the Threskiornithidae - Ibises and Spoonbills family.

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