Wild Florida Photo - Haematopus palliatus

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Haematopus palliatus


Florida native

Threatened Florida species

A resident of beaches, sandbars, mud flats and shellfish beds in most of the coastal counties of the peninsula, less common in southeast Florida and accidental in the keys, also in Wakulla, Franklin and Gulf Counties of the panhandle. The range includes much of the tropical and temperate coastlines of the Americas.
A large and heavy shorebird with a bright red bill and pink legs. The head, chest and back are black, the underside is white. White in the wing forms a conspicuous diagonal white stripe the length of each wing.
Oystercatchers live up to their name, feeding on oysters, calms and mussels.

Haematopus palliatus is a member of the Haematopodidae - Oystercatchers family.

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Nov 11, 2018