Wild Florida Photo - Anisota virginiensis

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Anisota virginiensis


Synonym: Anisota pellucida

Florida native


The Southern subspecies of pink-striped oakworm moths - Anisota virginiensis pellucida occurs in most of Florida except the Everglades area and most of the keys. The range extends through the southeastern coastal plain from Louisiana to North Carolina.
Two other subspecies occur in separate geographical areas, A. virginiensis discolor in Texas, and A. virginiensis virginiensis in the hjigher elevations of North Carolina, and from Virginia west to Arkansas north into Canada from Nova Scotia to Manitoba. The moth pictured here is the Northern pink-striped oakworm moth as it was in Asheville, North Carolina.
The wingspan is from 33 to 45mm (1-1/4 to 1-3/4 in.). The brown wings have a pinkish to purplish tint. Males have a translucent area on the forewings, the females have a more pronounced purplish area on the trailing edge of the forewing. Both have a white dot near the center of the upper forewing.

Anisota virginiensis is a member of the Saturniidae - Giant silkworm moths family.

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Jun 30, 2014