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Pine Rockland


Pine rockland is a is a habitat unique to south Florida and characterized by an open canopy of South Florida slash pine (Pinus elliotii var. densa). Many rare and endemic plants are found here, with 18 species found only in this habitat. Species may be limited to either the Florida Keys or the mainland, with others found in both locations. Some species occurring in pine rocklands also range into the West Indies. A few of the typical plants and animals of this habitat are listed below with links to the species pages with photos on this website.
These flatlands can be mesic or xeric, with outcrops of weathered limestone common and solution holes sometimes present. There is very little soil, mostly small accumulations of nutrient-poor sand, marl, clayey loam and organic debris that collects in depressions and rock crevices.

Some animals found in pine rocklands:
Key deer - Odocoileus virginianus var. clavium
Some plants found in pine rocklands:
Cabbage palm - Sabal palmetto
Coontie - Zamia pumila
Cuban nakedwood - Colubrina cubensis var. floridana
Devil's potato - Echites umbellatus
Dwarf Fakahatchee grass - Tripsacum floridanum
Lacy bracken - Pteridium aquilinum var. caudatum
Locustberry - Byrsonima lucida
Maidenhair pineland fern - Anemia adiantifolia
Marlberry - Ardisia escallonioides
Partridge pea - Chamaecrista fasciculata
Pineland acacia - Acacia pinetorum
Pineland allamanda - Angadenia berteroi
Pineland clustervine - Jacquemontia curtisii
Pineland heliotrope - Heliotropium polyphyllum
Pineland lantana - Lantana depressa var. depressa
Saw palmetto - Serenoa repens
Small's flax - Linum carteri var. smallii
Snowberry - Chiococca alba
Wax myrtle - Myrica cerifera
White indigoberry - Randia aculeata

The Florida Natural Areas Inventory habitat description for pine rocklands(pdf) at fnai.org.


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