Nyctanassa violacea

Other Orders in the Aves Class

  • Anseriformes - waterfowl

  • Apodiformes - swifts and hummingbirds

  • Charadriiformes - shorebirds and relatives

  • Ciconiiformes - storks and relatives

  • Columbiformes - pigeons

  • Coraciiformes - kingfishers, hornbills, bee-eaters and rollers

  • Falconiformes - diurnal birds of prey

  • Galliformes - chicken-like birds

  • Gaviiformes - loons and divers

  • Gruiformes - coots, cranes and rails

  • Passeriformes - perching birds

  • Pelecaniformes - pelicans and relatives

  • Piciformes - woodpeckers and relatives

  • Podicipediformes - grebes

  • Strigiformes - owls

  • Note that this is not yet a complete listing of all Order Ciconiiformes in Florida, only those contained in the Wild Florida Photo database.

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