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I began getting seriously interested in identifying plants primarily as a result of the ever changing dune flora. Almost every season brought a new plant to the vegatative band along the shore. This natural phenomenon was most dramatic after a tropical storm or a strong noreaster washed away or killed many of the exsisting plants. After this seed of interest took root, it was cultivated by the "What's that cool looking plant?" while hiking and canoeing. Especially the many walks in the woods with my friend Daniel Reed as he collected first drawings, then more recently, photos for his informative 2bnthewild.com web site. As I learn more about the local flora it seems that the east central part of the state where I live is probably the most botanically diverse part of Florida. Plants

Birds Florida has a wide variety of birds, many highly visible to the average person going about their usual business. Seeing various members of the waders family and other birds is one of the great features of canoeing in Florida. There are not as many photos here since birds are much less likely to pose for a good shot than a plant will.

Maybe some day you will see a Florida panther here.
Until then, check these out.

Bugs Butterflies, dragonflies and spiders and more can be found here.

Isn't this a great planet we live on? Landscapes

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