Proof to dispell the myth that Florida is too flat to have a scenic overlook.
Here is a view of the Apalachicola River valley from Torreya State Park.

The moon over swamp at St. Marks National Wildlife Rufuge.

Wakulla County Blue Springs
in the St. Marks National Wildlife Rufuge,
reached down a spur trail off of the Florida Trail.

Some mushrooms in the ravine
at Ravine State Gardens

Mushrooms and other fungi at Wild Florida Photo today Some kind of 'shroom?

The Florida Trail passing through the Juniper Praire Wilderness
in the Ocala National Forest

The marsh where Bulow Creek approaches the Intracoastal Waterway along the scenic Ormond Loop.
To learn more about efforts to protect this area check out

Sometimes when a cold front moves in very fast a mist comes up from the warmer ocean waters.

Beach sunrise under a low cloud bank.

Rainbow over Mantanzas inlet

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