wartlike bumps on the heads of right whales that appear white due to whale lice, or cyamids, that attach to the callosities
these are unique for each individual and facilitate identification of whales


one who eats at the same table
an organism, not truly parasitic, which lives in, with, or on, another, partaking usually of the same food
pertaining to or designating those who habitually eat together


limited to a particular geographic region


growing on another plant, but not deriving nutrition from it


perception of objects by the eye
that which is seen, as in these sights
an aid to seeing as in a device to guide the eye in aiming a firearm or other instrument
an aim or observation taken by means of a sight or sights
a straight, uninterrupted stretch, as of a road or a river
in a drawing, picture, etc, that part of the surface which is within the fram or the border or margin; in a frame or the like, the opening
a great number, quantity or sum


the place where anything is, or is to be; as in a web site
posture or position

Footnote 1
These two words are listed here because my primary grammatical pet peve is when sight and site are used interchangably and incorrectly. This is an increasingly common error, especially on the internet and also spreading into other media and everyday use.
(My wife's main grammatical peve is the all too common superfluous and incorrect use of the apostrophe. Such as when an 's is added to a word to make it plural when only an s is needed, in contrast with the correct use in the previous sentence to designate possesive tense.)