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I love to be outdoors. Noted biologist E.O.Wilson would probably say that I have an advanced case of biophilia.

For more than a decade I have endeavored to spend more time in nature and have also revived my interest in photography. Some of the results can be seen on this web site.

In early 2011 I completed the Florida Master Naturalist Program.

There are over 600 plants and more than 300 animal species currently listed on this site, with more being added weekly.

With my photography and this web site, I strive to show people some of the things in nature that they might not otherwise see, and provide information about our natural world. Hopefully, this will help people realize the value in the natural areas around us, from our back yards and city parks to state and national parks and forests and especially our wilderness areas.

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Paul Rebmann

Nature Photography by Paul Rebmann
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